Warning: We advise you to not use racial items as armour. The items ‘will break’.

All Tieflings have the same Racial Kits

Hoofed Feet1000497
Eyes of Succubus (Attached)1000301
Eyes of Werehyena (Attached)1000310
Eyes of Blind (Attached)1000311
Eyes of the Universe (Attached)1000313
Eyes of Darkness (Attached)1000317
Eyes of Ymir Teal (Attached)1000733
Eyes of Ymir Dodger Blue (Attached)1000734
Eyes of Ymir Yellow (Attached)1000731
Eyes of Ymir White (Attached)1000732
Eyes of Yog (Attached)1000335
Eyes of Ymir Green (Attached)1000320
Eyes of Ymir (Attached)1000312
Horns of Puthar1000022
Horns of Succubus1000023
Horns of Yog1000024
Horns of Puthar (Attached)1000249
Horns of Succubus (Attached)1000250
Horns of Yog (Attached)1000251
Horns of Morigesh (Attached)1000252
Horns of Qilin (Attached)1000394
Horns of Morigesh1000715
Horns of Infernal (Attached)1000482
Devil Horns (Attached)1000534
Succubus Tail (Attached)1000454
Succubus Tail Small (Attached)1000457
Succubus Tail Small Dark Blue1000909
Succubus Tail Dark Blue (Attached)1000908
Succubus Tail Dark Gray (Attached)1000912
Succubus Tail Small Dark Gray1000913
Full Body – Scales Tattoo1000557
Skin Color – Celery1000229
Skin Color – Dark Blue1000587
Skin Color – Dark Green1000232
Skin Color – Glade Green1000585
Skin Color – Limeade1000586
Skin Color – Electric Blue1000219
Skin Color – Deep Sky Blue1000218
Skin Color – Red1000221
Skin Color – Fire Brick1000220
Skin Color – Mulberry1000223
Skin Color – Logan1000228
Skin Color – Tiara1000225
Fangs (Attached)1000603
RA EARS: Elf (Small)20203002
RA EARS: Elf (Medium)20203003
RA EARS: Elf (Wide)20203001
RA EARS: Elf (Large)20203004
RA EARS: Fae (Small)20203005
RA EARS: Fae (Medium)20203006
RA EARS: Fae (Large)20203007
Fangs Inside (Attached)1000610
Elfears smallmk1869430022
Elfears smallmk2869430023
Elfears smallmk3869430024
Gilded space goat tail869430180
Space goat tail869430094
Succubus tail869430176
Hooves v1869430092
Hooves v2869430095

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