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This website is for the Conan Exiles, Forgotten Realms server ‘Old Guard D&D’. Here, you can find everything from our ruleset to a master list of all the spells available in our initiative spell combat system.

Our mission statement is as follows:

Old Guard is a Dungeons and Dragons inspired community with a focus on providing players with a roleplay-centric server that is built on long-term character progression, creating a lore accurate environment, and giving players a place to play under inclusive conditions. All staff members, from the owners to the trainees, make transparency a priority by listening to the concerns and desires of the player base and providing clear and open reasonings for the decision made by the staff team.

Our Current Setting:

The year is 1488 DR, the mysterious land Laerakond is on the horizon. A new land ripe for exploration and adventure! Deep within the human-controlled lands known as the Sword Lands, or by the locals, The Boast Lands — resides the settlement of Rorst. This was one of many towns within the independent human counties located in Eastern Laerakond. The Sword Lands were in a constant state of strife, with Warlords keeping an ever-constant balancing act to make sure not one Warlord held more power than another. To the north, a different sort of struggle awaits those who have come to these shores. The mountain range leading to the land of Eskorn, and within a Haunted Castle long since abandoned by the locals, The Keep Nornglast — said to be cursed, and dangerous to traverse. While, to the West, the largest, wealthiest, and most selfish of all the territories lay in waiting.  With many rumors swirling about, they’re most compared to a viper, ready to strike.  This is not the land of the fainthearted. 


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