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The year is 1488 DR, the mysterious land Laerakond is on the horizon. A new land ripe for exploration and adventure! Deep within the human-controlled lands known as the Sword Lands, or by the locals, The Boast Lands — resides the settlement of Rorst. This was one of many towns within the independent human counties located in Eastern Laerakond. The Sword Lands were in a constant state of strife, with Warlord’s constantly keeping an ever-constant balancing act to make sure not one Warlord held more power than another. To the north, a different sort of struggle awaits those who have come to these shorts. The mountain range leading to the land of Eskorn, and within a Haunted Castle long since abandoned by the locals — said to be cursed, and dangerous to traverse. The Keep Nornglast. This is not the land of the fainthearted. One’s mettle will be tested, do you have what it takes to become a Warlord, or to see Law brought to the Lawless?


Laerakond and The Sword Lands


The Sword Lands


Lore in this Season


This lore is currently being lived out in present time.


Map of the Dalelands


Lore in this Season


The year is 1487 in Shadowdale, one of the many formerly independent Lordships in the region known as the Dalelands. These lands are embroiled in a half a decade long conflict between the invading Netherese Empire and the Kingdom of Comyr. Over the last year, Comyrean forces have pushed back the Netherese armies from their homeland and now stand ready to march into the Dalelands in order to liberate them from Netherese control. The war has brought much suffering to the Dalesfolk, but those of keen intuition have also sensed the prospect of opportunity in these war-torn lands, and so begins an influx of merchants, mercenaries, and adventurers. How they will affect the balance of power in the Dales and what will be the fate of Shadowdale and its people remains to be seen.


Upon the day of the last assault, the sounds of loud explosions and the clash of steel would fill the valleys and ravines of the southern badlands. Upon the next dawn, the fighting would be over and it would be the banner of the Purple Dragon that would be hoisted over Tarthol Citadel, or what was left of it, and finally the war in the Shadowdale would come to a close. In the rest of the Dalelands, similar defeats and retreats would begin to unfold. The various Netherese lords and generals retreating to either Sembia or the Anauroch along with their forces, their civilization in shambles but not completely destroyed.

Cormyr’s forces and Oversword Gaston Stormblade would leave in short order, staying long enough to guarantee the stability of the Shadowdale before setting home. The six year long war having wearied them and even in their victory there was little celebration among them. The procession of the Purple Dragons back to their capital of Suzail was a grand one, although there would be as many flags draped across coffins as there would be held aloft above their columns.

The Eldreth Veluuthra sect in the Dalelands would be devastated by the war. The survivors would make their way and regroup with their sect in Cormanthor and, although they came with defeat, stories of Archdruid Delsaran and his fiery last stand would live within the memories of the Eldreth Veluuthra for centuries to come.

Shadowdale, meanwhile, would once more return to being a relatively peaceful dale. Freedale and Tarthol Citadel would both join its many ruins, neither of the settlements being able to come back from the horrors of war. Soon, a new Lordly election was called and the people of Shadowdale elected none other than their resident Morninglord to serve as their guide in the rebuilding effort that lay before them. Arthur Sunwatcher would prove to be a wise and tempered ruler, although his old age would begin to catch up to him over the next few years. However, even after his inevitable passing, the people of Shadowdale would always remember him as the one who truly secured Shadowdale’s future into the next era and beyond.

As for the Adventurers that helped secure Shadowdale’s freedom? Only time would tell where their stories would end. Some would settle down in the lands they had fought so hard for, some would travel home bringing with them their wealth and stories, and yet others would set off once more looking for new opportunities and new adventures to befall them in other far away lands.

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