Monks make a careful study of magical energy that most monastic traditions call ki. Monks harness this power within themselves to create magical effects and exceed their bodies’ physical capabilities, and some of their special attacks can hinder the flow of ki in their opponents. Using this energy, monks channel uncanny speed and strength into their unarmed strikes.

Who is the Monk?

Some monks live entirely apart from the surrounding population, secluded from anything that might impede their spiritual progress. Others are sworn to isolation, emerging only to serve as spies or assassins at the command⁠ of their leader, a noble Patron, or some other mortal or divine power. The majority of monks don’t shun their neighbors, making frequent visits to nearby towns or villages and exchanging their services for food and other goods.

For a monk, becoming an adventurer means leaving a structured, communal lifestyle to become a wanderer. This can be a harsh transition, but they don’t undertake it lightly. As versatile⁠ warriors, monks often end up protecting their neighbors from Monsters or tyrants.

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The Monk in Numbers


Casting Attribute:  Wisdom, Dexterity
Attribute Bonus:  +1 Dexterity
Armour Proficiency:  Light Armour
Weapon Proficiencies:  Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons-(Kensei subclass only)
Base Spell Pool:  3 Ki
HP Modification:  +0
Armour Class:  +2

Monk Mastery Bonuses


Melee Damage: +1
Melee Bonus: +1 
HP: +10
Ki Points: +2
Armour Class:  +2


On Mastery & Subclasses 

Subclasses in on the Old Guard server work like specializations of your class and enable players to customize their general class into something more fitting their RP and general play style. While it’s not mandatory, it’s highly recommended to chose a subclass from character creation onwards, since a player needs to earn the subclass from a fitting IC trainer (aka another player) to master it.

That said it’s not crucial to choose a subclass during character creation just to have one, especially if you cannot decide for one, or have the feeling that it just does not fit the backstory of them (e.g. if they’re young and just starting their adventurer’s career). 

 Changing the subclass (or the class on that account) is also possible that way, as the only thing you need is another player who trains you ICly. All on class, subclass and mastery training can be found here.

All Boons, Banes, Spells, Abilities and Cantrips you find in the specific subclasses sections come on top of everything you see under the basic class above.So you’ll lose nothing by chosing a subclass from the list at any point of time.

Way of the Drunken Master

The Way of the Drunken Master teaches its students to move with the jerky, unpredictable movements of a drunkard. Swaying, tottering on unsteady feet, to present what seems like an incompetent combatant who proves frustrating to engage. Their erratic stumbles conceal a carefully executed dance of blocks, parries, advances, attacks, and retreats.  They often enjoy playing the fool to bring gladness to the despondent or to demonstrate humility to the arrogant, but when a battle is joined, the drunken master can be a maddening, masterful foe.

Way of the Kensei

Monks of the Way of the Kensei train relentlessly with their weapons, to the point that the weapon becomes like an extension of the body. Founded on a mastery of sword fighting, the tradition has expanded to include many different weapons. A Kensei sees a weapon much in the same way a calligrapher or a painter regards a pen or brush. Whatever the weapon, they view it as a tool used to express the beauty and precision of the martial arts. That such mastery makes a Kensei a peerless warrior is but a side effect of intense devotion, practice, and study.

Way of Mercy

Learning to manipulate the life force of others to bring aid to those in need, these Monks are wandering physicians to the poor and hurt. However, to those beyond their help, they bring a swift end as an act of mercy. Some might be gentle-voiced healers, beloved by their communities, while others might be masked bringers of macabre mercies. The walkers of this way usually don robes with deep cowls, and they often conceal their faces with masks, presenting themselves as the faceless bringers of life and death.

Way of the Open Hand

Monks of the Way of the Open Hand are the ultimate Masters of Martial Arts Combat, whether armed or unarmed. They learn techniques to push and trip their opponents, manipulate ki to heal damage to their bodies, and practice advanced meditation that can protect them from harm.

Way of the Sun Soul

Monks of the Way of the Sun Soul learn to channel their own life energy into searing bolts of light. They teach that meditation can unlock the ability to unleash the indomitable light shed by the soul of every living creature.