Crafting & Research

What is “Crafting”…

Generally spoken, crafting of course is the process of getting the hands dirty to produce items of power or such, that are just very useful. In terms of Old Guard “crafting” is a little bit more complex than that.

While Conan itself already entertains their own crafting system, the Old Guard crafting system exists in parallel to the one you already know. It provides you with mighty magical weapons, useful potions and can also help to find some of the items legends themselves are made of…

How to craft something…

Before you can get your hands dirty, it’s necessary to learn some recipes and blueprints first. To do so, you have to have a look into our research system. After you read the rules it’s now the time to deep dive into our research topics and find what you want to study.

If you are already an arcane smith, alchemist or the like, you can find many potions on the following pages to dig your teeth into. You’ll find everything needed with the items themselves.


The hardest part of amassing knowledge always seems to be to learn what there is to know. There just seems to be nothing like a list of all things worth taking a look into, and while we’re still thinking about what to learn we completely miss the opportunity of doing so.

To avoid that we prepared given list with all there is to know and hope that you find something to your liking!



Magical items come in many sizes and shapes these days. This is mostly because there is a vast amout of people in our world that are able to craft said items.

On this list you’ll find verything from the – nearly legendary – bag of holding, to the common, enchanted sword, ready to kill demons and ghosts


There are many differences between having a talented alchemist in the party, and wandering through the wilds aside a barkeep, one of which:

The barrkeep is more fun!

This – for sure – has several reasons again, but one of the most obvious is the vast amount of drinks and bewerages these fellas can provide to you, your party and… well your other party.



Potions, Elixirs, Oils and Philters there are many names for those liquids that may be very different in their usage, but have one thing all in common:

They’re all flasked magic.

Alchemy – the combination of art, magic and science – is how those magical fluids come to be.

And while there is nothing natural about them, they sure all are as rare and mighty as the tales go…

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