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A look into the Armory

Becoming a blacksmith is a good thing to do these days, as adventurers wander around, saving dragons from princesses and all that.  But it really gets interesting when it comes to the art of crafting magical-infused thread, edge, and armor – something a normal blacksmith cannot muster but an Arcane Smith is needed for.

Arcane Smithing:  Anti Magic Restraints, Enchanted Armor, Enchanted Weapon, Sending Stones (Pair), Staff of Swarming Insects, Staff of the Woodlands, Tentacle Rod, The Serpent’s Scepter, Wand of Decay, Stone of Good Luck, Oil of Sharpness, Oil of Slipperiness


In a similar vein, the art of an Arcanist is a sought-after discipline, as these individuals are proficient with imbuing mundane objects with powerful enchantments.  The best Arcanists are able to weave enchantment into usable items that are then available to whoever possesses them.  These individuals are known as Mystical Creators.

Mystical Creations:  Amulet of Nondetection, Bag of Holding, Bracers of Defense, Fuzzy Dice, Goggles of Night, Hat of Disguise, Hideous Visage, Pipes of Dancing, Ring of Mind Shielding, Spectacles of Insight


Becoming an Arcane Smith or a Mystical Creator is not easy, but definitely worth your time.  The gear those individuals make is rare and useful, and of course, also closes for a pretty neat amount of coin at the market.  But beware:  Getting your very own enchanted item holds some risks, as stabilizing magic into metal and cloth is not trivial.  And so it is not uncommon, that horrendous amounts of magical goods quickly turn into nothing but common and very unmagical ash.


Crafting Magical Items

As an Arcane Smith and Mystical Creator, you can attempt to craft an item twice every 20 hours.  Each attempt at crafting will consume your resources.  If you cook, your food will be used up whether you fail or succeed in making it, right?  This also applies to trying to craft an item.

Whether you have a failure with your two attempts, or you have a successful craft, your resources will be consumed and you will be put on cooldown. 20 hours in case of failure, 22 in case of success.
You will also be put on a secondary cooldown associated with the item you made.

This means you may try to craft a new item, after successfully crafting one, once 22 hours are up, but you may NOT try to create the same item you have crafted previously for the duration of the specific cooldown mentioned in the item description itself.

EX.  You craft Wand of Decay.  You must wait 20 hours before you can craft another item, BUT you have 3 full days before you can craft the Wand of Decay again.

Both success and failure attempts will consume the ingredients used in an item.

~Only 1 Weapon, Defense, and Utility item may be equipped at a time.  Any number of un-slotted items can be equipped.~

Trading Magical Items

Anyone who creates any magical items below may trade them with others. 


(Disclaimer:  Magical Items are physical Conan items.  If the item is lost or dropped, you will need to have a craftsman recreate the item.  They will not be reimbursed.)

((Last updated: 5.17.2024))

Arcane Smithing Blueprints

Some of these are directly out of the old tales you heard 

Mystical Creations Blueprints

Some of these are directly out of the old tales you heard 

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