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Choose one, choose all!…  Well, choose one please.

Guilds are organizations composed of like-minded individuals to further and protect their interests. They appeared in many different forms but typically offered benefits such as camaraderie and even financial support to members.  Large, powerful guilds could even control an aspect of a city, such as trade in certain goods.

Players may be in one guild at a time, but they are able to change to another after two weeks if the chosen one doesn’t fit their character.  

((Last updated:  5.30.2024))

Adventurer’s Guild

The Adventurers Guild is a hub for daring individuals seeking fame, fortune, and thrilling quests!

A bustling hub of daring individuals seeking fame, fortune, and thrilling quests. Led by the charismatic Guildmaster Blackwood, they provide a platform for aspiring adventurers to connect, form parties, and embark on epic journeys. The guild‘s headquarters serve as a bustling marketplace, where contracts are posted, information is shared, and alliances are forged. From slaying fearsome beasts to uncovering ancient artifacts, the Adventurer‘s Guild offers a wide array of quests to suit every adventurer‘s taste. With a reputation for camaraderie, resourcefulness, and a thirst for adventure, they are the go-to organization for those seeking to make their mark in the realm.


(All Items Are Only Active For Guild Members)

    • Athletics, Acrobatics, Medicine +2
    • Guild Missions and Dungeon – The guild leader will set you up with a daily mission to take down a PVE enemy within the realms and deliver proof of its death. With this trophy given, the guild leader will issue you 10 silver and an item to use the boss spawner in the Echoing Chasm which will let you fight enemies with exclusive drops.
  • Additional .5 tile movement per turn
  • Additional Language – Open a whitelist ticket to have this claimed.


Arcane Nexus

The Arcane Nexus is a sacred haven where seekers of the weave and the shadow weave unite to unravel the enigmatic secrets of the arcane arts.

An eclectic guild of casters that stands as a beacon of arcane knowledge and wisdom in the realms and is led by the Archmage Denedrin. They are dedicated to the study, mastery, and responsible use of magic whether this be learned, innate, or given through a pact. The guild‘s members are practitioners of various magical disciplines, delving into the mysteries of the arcane arts. The Nexus operates from its grand tower, a hub of magical learning and experimentation. Known for their vast libraries, rigorous training, and commitment to the preservation of magical lore, they are respected as the foremost authority on magic


(All Items Are Only Active For Guild Members)

  • Arcana, History, Religion +2
  • Portals – Arcane portals that let you traverse across the map.
  • Ritual Book – Learn a Ritual From Any Class, claimable in a whitelist ticket.
    • Once the ritual is chosen, it is permanent and may not be exchanged even if a player leaves the guild and returns.
  • +5 Spell Pool

The Melodious Muse

Where music meets magic

Step into the enchanting realm of The Melodious Muse, where the art of performance is refined to perfection. This guild is led by the Lore Bard Bathalomew- traveler of the realms and famous author. Our distinguished Bards Guild provides a stage of unparalleled quality, equipped with cutting-edge acoustic enhancements, ensuring that every note resonates with the audience. Immerse yourself in personalized workshops and constructive feedback from experienced mentors, elevating your craft to new heights. Unwind at the guild’s cozy bar, where troubadours gather to share tales and fuel their creativity with a diverse selection of spirits.  Join The Melodious Muse and let your artistic aspirations flourish in a harmonious community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the performing arts and research!


(All Items Are Only Active For Guild Members)

  • Performance, History, Deception +2
  • Stage Presence – You gain a plus 10 performance when playing on the stage at the Melodious Muse.
  • CRNC Lute – Master bards of this guild can claim the CRNC Lute by using /kit!


The Obsidian Chapel

The Obsidian Chapel, a secretive and feared guild, unites individuals in their pursuit of forbidden knowledge and power.

A secretive and deservedly feared guild that unites individuals in their pursuit of forbidden knowledge and power. Led by the enigmatic Shade, Lord Eldrion, they are a collective of wicked clerics, necromancers, and other malevolent beings. The guild‘s members embrace the forces of darkness, harnessing forbidden magic and summoning vile creatures to serve their sinister purposes. The Coven of Shadows operates from hidden lairs and cursed sanctuaries, their activities shrouded in deep secrecy. Known for their ruthless ambition, dark rituals, and willingness to embrace the darkest aspects of their nature, they are both reviled and feared as the ultimate embodiment of evil.


(All Items Are Only Active For Guild Members)

  • Deception, Intimidation, Religion +3
  • Hallowed Ground – This guild location counts as hallowed ground that is similar to unhallowed ground and holds the darkness effect as well as being warded against celestials. This place counts as hallowed ground for any rituals carried out here by guild members. This does not work for Word of Recall.
  • Brand of the Shade Lord – You can place a brand as a heavy con. While under this affliction; characters lose the ability to commune with their divine gifts and lose touch with the norms as they are barraged with neverending whispers from beyond. Characters who lose the ability to commune with their divine gifts may still cast spells and use their abilities, but they feel as though their prayers are reaching deaf ears- this would be played in a manner similar to madness that can only be cured by the Sanctified Order.

Sanctified Order

A revered guild that unites all those who wish to join in a holy union of devotion whether that be to their tenets, their gods, or to the people that they vow to protect.

A revered guild that unites clerics and paladins in their unwavering devotion to the divine and their sworn tenets. Led by the esteemed High Priestess Tularia and a noble Paladin Commander Petros, they embody the principles of faith, righteousness, and compassion. The guild‘s members are skilled healers, defenders, and champions of justice, wielding divine magic to vanquish evil and aid the downtrodden. The Sanctified Order operates from their grand cathedral, a sanctuary of solace and guidance. Known for their unwavering dedication, resolve, and commitment to their divine calling, they are revered as beacons of hope and defenders of the weak.


(All Items Are Only Active For Guild Members)

  • Insight, Medicine, Religion +3
  • Hallowed Ground – This guild location counts as hallowed ground and holds the light effect as well as being warded against fiends and undead. This place counts as hallowed ground for any rituals carried out here by guild members. This does not work for Word of Recall.

Touch of the Divine: Within the halls of the sanctified order, the chambers radiate with the chorus of purity that, with communion from a member, can remove the brand of the Shade Lord. The afflicted does not need to be a member to have this brand removed.

Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild is a renowned guild known the world over for their cunning wits and their unwavering honor of a breed that only thieves can hold.

A clandestine guild that thrives in the shadows. Led by the elusive Master Thief Seven, they are masters of stealth, deception, and subterfuge. The guild‘s members are skilled pickpockets, lock-breakers, and infiltrators, using their nimble fingers and cunning minds to acquire forbidden treasures and valuable secrets. The syndicate operates from hidden safehouses and secret lairs, their network extending across cities and kingdoms. Known for their code of silence, intricate heists, and their ability to disappear without a trace, they are both feared and respected as the ultimate masters of thievery. Unlawful thieving by nonmembers is looked down upon, making the Thieves Guild begrudgingly respected– since their presence keeps crime rates a sense of control.


(All Items Are Only Active For Guild Members)

  • Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Acrobatics +2
  • Sewers  – A system of underground tunnels used to navigate the map.
  • Bounty System – Need to make an anonymous bounty? Players can open a ticket to make a bounty that will only be viewable to those within the Thieves Guild. Breaking and Entering, Assassinations, Infiltrations, Theft, etc all fit within this- though the rules will still have to be followed for each of these. If you issue an anonymous assassination, you must also treat this ticket as a PK ticket with justification for the PK. If this ticket is accepted, the person who takes the mission will be granted PK rights- however, they also accept the risk of a PK themselves.

Thieves Cant – Claim in a whitelist ticket.

Verdant Circle

The Verdant Circle is an ancient guild made up of druids that embrace the delicate balance of nature within all of Toril.

An ancient druid guild that embraces the delicate balance of nature in the realms of Faerun. Led by the Archdruid Telderil, they are guardians of the natural world, dedicated to preserving its harmony and protecting its creatures. The guild‘s members possess a deep connection with the elements, communing with animals, plants, and the very essence of the land. The Verdant Circle operates from hidden groves and sacred forests, offering guidance and wisdom to those who seek to live in harmony with nature. Their neutrality and unwavering commitment to the natural order make them a respected and influential force in the realms of Faerun.


(All Items Are Only Active For Guild Members)

  • Nature, Survival, Animal Handling +2
  • Druid Grove – Guild Area counts as a druid grove that acts as a warp for druids, and can be used by druids to teleport around the map. (Cannot be used for Teleport Via Plants)
  • Magic arrows – Any archer’s arrows count as magical for overcoming resistance, though these do not grant extra damage like an Enchanted Weapon would give. 
  • Favored enemy – Rangers can pick an additional favored enemy.


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