The Beastkin

The term ‘Beastkin’ is not canon, but for the purposes of organization, we’ve established the following races under this category as they all tend to resemble animals or at the very least, other natural wildlife.

This category includes the winged Arakocra, the proud Dragonborn as well as the mystical Hengeyokai and the scaled Kobolds. 

The Celestial-Touched

Whereas tieflings have fiendish blood in their veins, Aasimar are the descendants of celestial beings. These folk generally appear as glorious humans with lustrous hair, flawless skin, and piercing eyes. Aasimar often attempts to pass as humans in order to right wrongs and defend goodness on the Material Plane without drawing undue attention to their celestial heritage. They strive to fit into society, although they usually rise to the top, becoming revered leaders and honorable heroes

The Dwarves

Whether or not the dwarven claim that they’d been carved from the world’s stone was true, dwarves shared many qualities considered similar to the stone they lived with. Strong, hardy, and dependable, dwarves were polite, particularly to elders, and possessed a pearl of wisdom beyond that of many other races. Dwarves valued their traditions, regardless of the subrace they came from and looked for inspiration from ancestral heroes. 

The Elemental-Touched

Planar Beings, otherwise known as Extraplanar creatures, are a mixture of races that are not native to the material plane.  They instead come from another plane of existence altogether.

Some well-known examples of extraplanar creatures include fire elementalsfiendscelestials, and powerful deities.  Often, though not always, they have significantly different powers than those from the material plane.

The Elves

Elves, much like their living ancestors, the eladrin, who are also commonly called elves, are a long-lived race of the Tel-quessir found most commonly in forests, shrublands, and other wildernesses. From time to time the elves organize strong nations, though with far less frequency than eladrin, in some cases adopting even a nomadic lifestyle. Almost all elves worship the gods of the Seldarine, and the elves were generally, though not always, good in nature.

The Fey

Fey are creatures from the Feywild, a parallel plane to the Prime. Many are typified as having supernatural abilities and a connection to nature or to some other force or place.

The Fiend-Touched

The tiefling is a race of plane touched humanoids. They are primarily human in ancestry but draw part of their bloodline from a powerful evil extraplanar being.  Widely stereotyped as wicked, cruel, and criminal individuals. While many live up to this image, tieflings run the full range of good and evil and vary considerably based on their bloodline and personality.

Tieflings have a tendency to be solitary loners. They are adaptable and resilient to hardship and possess a strong aptitude at whatever pursuit they dedicate themselves to, whether that be fighting, art, or anything else. 


The Giants

While not necessarily related, there are some races in the world whose most common characteristic is their tendecy to enormous growth in height. 

These races are those that relate to giants or are otherwise large humanoids.

The Goblinoids

Goblinoids are a species of savage humanoids that share a common lineage and traits. Fecund, brutal, and selfish, the goblinoids are a plague on civilized lands. They are known to be savagely cunning, dexterous, and agile.

The Humanoids

Humanoids are one of the widest range of beings in our world and reach from small gnomes and halflings to the strongest orc bloods.

Even though they’re often as different as they come, they all share a human-like appearance (that’s where the name comes from) and the fact, that they are all somehow related to beings that are indigenous to Fearûn.


The Uniques

Unique Races is OG’s fun little project that promotes a wide variety of different ways to play!  Have you wanted to be a little gremlin of a bat?  Mayhaps even be a large Ogre that can’t fit into doors and can only get your ale by reaching a hand into the tavern?  WELL, then these RP based races are for you!

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