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How many days does 1 real-life day translate to in-game days?

One Real-life day equals 4 in-game days

What is the time ratio for Night/Day on the server?

Currently: Daytime lasts 2 real-life hours – Nighttime lasts 2 real-life hours.

I’ve seen people riding through the main hubs on their mounts, and even just running people over. Can we use our mounts in town?

No. We do NOT allow mounts in the main hub area. Leave them Outside!

Why was my bedroll deleted?

We do not allow bedrolls to be used to teleport around the map. We have a warp system to make traveling easier. If a bedroll is reported, we will delete it. If you are a repeat offender, we will bring you into a ticket to speak to you about it.

If I roll, and someone meets my roll, do they win? Do we roll again? Do I win?

If it meets it, it beats it in favor of the defender. That’s the motto here.

Example: You roll a Strength 15 while they roll 14? (They lose) Did they roll a 15 or above? (They win)

Can I use a Boon when we’re doing the initiation phase? Or does that count as a bonus ability? And if it does, then can I use a Boon and a spell?

After the initiation roll is finished and you move onto the spell casting phase, you may use a boon you possess, however, this counts as your action for your turn unless the boon states otherwise.

I’ve seen a player cheating the caravan system and carrying someone. The person carrying them was the only one that had to pay. Is that allowed? Can we get rid of it??

Carrying someone to then use the caravan system is allowed! If someone wants to use their money to bring someone else places, then that’s completely on them. As the Carry system is implemented into the game, there’s absolutely no way we can remove it. The bottom line, it’s allowed!

Can I use my wolf form in the main hub area? Like, can I shapeshift into that form if the scene calls for it? I’ve seen a Fox running around.

We do not allow ‘aggressive’ and the large shapeshifting forms in the main hub such as the Wolf, Bear, or Feline form. Nor do we allow shapeshifting ‘into’ animal forms, even fox forms, in the hub. It would be kind of odd seeing a full-grown wolf or bear in a populated area like that.

Foxes may prance about inside the hub but they may not shift into their human form within the area.

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