Wizards are supreme magic-users, defined and united as a class by the spells they cast. Drawing on the subtle weave of magic that permeates the cosmos, wizards cast spells of explosive fire, arcing lightning, subtle deception, and brute-force mind control. Their mightiest spells change one substance into another, call meteors down from the sky, or open portals to other worlds.

Who is the Wizard?

Wild and enigmatic, varied in form and function, the power of magic draws students who seek to master its mysteries. Their expertise is attained after years of apprenticeship and countless hours of study. Wizards live and die by their spells, thinking everything else to be secondary. The lure of knowledge and power calls even the most unadventurous wizards out of the safety of their libraries and laboratories and into crumbling ruins and lost cities.

Wizards’ lives are seldom mundane. The closest a wizard is likely to come to an ordinary life is working as a sage or lecturer in a library or university, teaching others the secrets of the multiverse. Other wizards sell their services as diviners, serve in military forces, or pursue lives of crime or domination.

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The Wizard in Numbers


Casting Attribute:  Intelligence
Attribute Bonus:  +1 Intelligence
Armour Proficiency:  Light Armour
Weapon Proficiency:  Simple Weapons, Daggers, Martial Weapons-(Bladesinger)

Base Spell Pool:  40
HP Modification:  -10

Wizard Mastery Bonuses


New Spells
Spell Damage: +1
Spell Bonus: +1 
HP: +10
Spell Pool: +20 


Level 2
Level 3
Level 7
Level 9

On Mastery & Subclasses 

Subclasses in on the Old Guard server work like specializations of your class and enable players to customize their general class into something more fitting their RP and general play style. While it’s not mandatory, it’s highly recommended to chose a subclass from character creation onwards, since a player needs to earn the subclass from a fitting IC trainer (aka another player) to master it.

That said it’s not crucial to choose a subclass during character creation just to have one, especially if you cannot decide for one, or have the feeling that it just does not fit the backstory of them (e.g. if they’re young and just starting their adventurer’s career). 

 Changing the subclass (or the class on that account) is also possible that way, as the only thing you need is another player who trains you ICly. All on class, subclass and mastery training can be found here.

All Boons, Banes, Spells, Abilities and Cantrips you find in the specific subclasses sections come on top of everything you see under the basic class above.So you’ll lose nothing by chosing a subclass from the list at any point of time.

Order of the Arcane Sun

Using a mixture of the Evocation and Abjuration schools, this Wizard can be called an Evoker, Abjurer, or even simply an Arcane Sun User. This study focuses on magic that both blocks, banish, or protects while using powerful elemental effects such as bitter cold, searing flame, burning acid, etc.  These Wizards are able to find employment in military forces, serving as artillery to blast enemy armies from afar, or sought when baleful spirits require exorcism, and even when portals to other planes of existence must be closed.


Spells & Abilities

Level 6
Level 7

Order of the Bladesingers

Bladesingers master a tradition of wizardry that incorporates swordplay and dance. Originally created by elves, this tradition has been adopted by non-elf practitioners, who honor and expand on the elven ways.

In combat, a bladesinger uses a series of intricate, elegant maneuvers that fend off harm and allow the bladesinger to channel magic into devastating attacks and a cunning defense. Many who have observed a bladesinger at work remember the display as one of the more beautiful experiences in their life, a glorious dance accompanied by a singing blade.


Spells & Abilities

Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 6

Order of the Eternal Eye

With the power of Illusion and Divination, Wizards of this mixed school are sought out by royalty and commoners alike due to their spectacular abilities of foresight and imagination. Holding magic that dazzles the senses, befuddles the mind, and tricks even the wisest folk, these wizards also strive to part the veils of space, time, and consciousness so that they can see clearly. Working to master spells of discernment, remote viewing, supernatural knowledge, and foresight.

Spells & Abilities

Level 3
Level 5
Level 6

Order of the Metamorpher

Having honed their ability to magically entrance and beguile other people and monsters through Enchantment, these Wizards are able to amplify their spells through their mixed knowledge of Transumation to modify energy and matter. Whether those of this subclass are nice or evil, the world is not a fixed thing, but eminently mutable. They are content in being an agent of change by wielding the raw matter of creation and learning to alter both physical forms and mental qualities. Their magic gives them the tools to become a smith on reality’s forge.

Order of the Ouroboros

Using Necromancy and Conjuration, going hand in hand with one another, Wizards who learn this mixture of schools enjoy exploring the cosmic forces of life, death, and undeath. Focusing on traditional studies, they typically favor spells that produce objects and creatures out of thin air as well. Able to conjure billowing clouds of killing fog or summon creatures from elsewhere to fight on your behalf, they learn to manipulate the energy that animates all living things. As they learn, they can even sap the life force from a creature as their magic destroys its body, transforming that vital energy into magical power these wizards can manipulate.