School: Necromancy
Casting Time: Instantaneous
Range: 60 ft.(12 Foundations)
Components: V, S, M, (6 Obsidian Gems, 1 Soul Gem)
Duration: Until destroyed
Classes: Any — Must have the Advanced Necromancy Research done.

This spell snatches the soul of a humanoid and traps it inside the Soul Gem you use for the material component. The target rolls a Wisdom saving throw against the caster’s casting modifier. Upon a failed save, the soul, if trapped within the cage, gives the victim the Soulless status.

Upon a successful save, the soul is lost to the ether, returning to the victim after 3 hours. A stolen soul remains inside the cage until the end of a season (in which case it returns to the victim upon the start of a new season), and the soul is consumed by a Lich’s phylactery (in which case the soul is lost forever) or until the Soul Gem is destroyed, which ends the spell and returns the soul to its owner.
Players may only use the ‘consent’ option if they are making deals with devils and such.
Lich must abide by the rule that this spell may only be used as a PVP consequence.

While you have a soul inside the cage, you can exploit it in any of the ways described below. You can use a trapped soul up to 3 times. Once you exploit a soul for the third time, it is released, and the spell ends. While a soul is trapped, the dead humanoid it came from can’t be revived. 

This spell may only be used as a consequence of PVP, not skirmish consequences.

Steal Life: You can use a bonus action to drain vigor from the soul. You may remove an exhausted level from the target, remove one status or condition affecting the target or heal a Wounded condition from a target. (This does not remove Severely Wounded or above levels of injury).
Query Soul: You ask the soul a question and receive a brief telepathic answer, which you can understand regardless of the language used. The soul knows only what it knew in life, but it must answer you truthfully and to the best of its ability. The answer is no more than 25 words and might be cryptic. A DM ticket must be opened when this is used.
Borrow Experience: You can bolster yourself with the soul’s life experience, making your next attack roll, ability check, or saving throw with advantage.

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