Potions & Elixirs

Brew me something…

On this page, you’ll find mighty potions and deadly poisons alike. It is important to understand, that they’re not made by the apothecary – since the art of doing so is far beyond their capabilities. Instead one needs a deeper understanding of the art of alchemy, which can be studied separately and while this is trivial in no account, it’s well worth the time to master, as the results provide boons beyond comprehension.

Apart from being made by oneself, potions can be traded for coin or other goods for sure, though they’re often quite expensive, as there is no guarantee for a positive result, and even talented alchemists have sometimes failed with their task of creating even the simplest solution for their clients.

 Crafting Potions

As an Alchemist, you can attempt to craft a potion twice every 20 hours. Each attempt at crafting will consume your resources.  If you cook, your food will be used up whether you fail or succeed in making it, right?  This also applies to trying to craft a potion.

Whether you have a failure with your two attempts, or you have a successful craft, your resources will be consumed. 
-If you fail both attempts of the day, you will be put on a 20-hour cool down before you can craft again. 
-If you succeed, you will be put on a 22-hour cool down before you can craft again.

Both success and failure attempts will consume the ingredients used in an item.


Trading Potions

Everyone who creates any of the potions below may trade them with others.  However, you MUST RP OUT REQUIRING SAID POTIONS.  You may NOT simply give any other person the below items OOC, out of character.  Screenshots will be required, so have them saved either by you or the person you are gifting the items to.


Any one player may only carry 4 items in total.

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