Action Type: Standard Action
Target: AoE
Range: 12 Tiles
Components: V, S (No Gem)
Duration: Instantaneous
Classes: Cleric-Death, Druid-Circle of Spores, Paladin-Oath of Conquest, Sorcerer-Draconic Bloodline, Wizard

You create a 3-tile radius sphere of poisonous, yellow-green fog centered on a point you choose within range. The fog spreads around corners. It lasts for the duration or until strong wind disperses the fog, ending the spell. Its area is heavily obscured.

All creatures in the area must make a Constitution saving throw. Creatures take 5d8 poison damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Creatures are affected even if they hold their breath or don’t need to breathe.

((Last updated: 11.11.2023))

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