Action Type: Standard Action
Target: AoE
Range: 8 Tiles
Components: V, S, M – 4 Red Gems
Duration: Instantaneous
Classes: Bard, Warlock, Wizard-War

An immobile, invisible, cube-shaped prison composed of magical force springs into existence around a creature you choose within range.

A prison is created within a 3 tile radius of the target. creating a solid barrier that prevents any matter from passing through it and blocking any spells cast into or out of the area. The cage also extends into the Ethereal Plane, blocking ethereal travel.

A creature inside the cage can’t leave it by nonmagical means. If the creature tries to use teleportation or interplanar travel to leave the cage, it must first make a Charisma saving throw against the initial spell cast result. On a success, the creature can use that magic to exit the cage. On a failure, the creature can’t exit the cage and wastes the use of the spell or effect.

This spell can’t be dispelled by dispel magic.

((Last updated: 2.15.2024))

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