DC 14

Mystical Creation
Creation Cooldown: 2 Real-Life days
Quality: Uncommon
Slot: Utility

School: Illusion
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Duration: 4 hours
Cool Down: 4 hours

You make yourself—including your clothing, armor, weapons, and other belongings on your person—look different until the spell ends or until you dismiss it. The user is able to be fully disguised, their voice will be entirely indistinguishable, however, you retain the same speech patterns. If you wish to fake a new voice, a deception roll vs insight may be called for. They may turn into any race or gender of their choosing as well as change their height so long as they adopt a form that has the same basic arrangement of limbs. You do not inherit Boons or Banes from other races.

You cannot use this item to impersonate another character. This item does not physically change your size or your perspective (meaning if you use it to become a smaller race, you cannot climb through windows or hard-to-reach places you normally would not be able to access were it not for the size change. Abuse of this is subject to disciplinary action). Your true self cannot be detected unless this spell is broken through dispelling/nullification magic, True Sight, etc. Touching a part of the body that is vastly different from its original form (A tail, larger endowments, illusionary beards, and restored limbs, etc) would be intangible and thus will call for a perception check DC –

14. Any successful perception check will result in that character realizing the disguise is an illusion. The illusion is broken upon receiving a Wounded condition or status effect.

A timestamp at the beginning of the spell as well as changes made are required to be kept on hand in case of staff request. You are unable to use Shapeshifts from other races during this spell.

1 Alchemical Reagent
1 Gem Dust
1 Glowing Blue Gem
1 Glowing Obsidian Gem
1 Sturdy String
300 Silk

((Last updated: 5.23.2024))

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