School: Abjuration
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M, (7 White Glowing Gems, 50 Silver)
Duration: Permanent
Classes: Druid

Important Note: This ritual can only be casted once per clan and has to be sustained by an active member of that given clan. Once the member leaves the clan, the character gets shelved or dies permanently, this will result in the druid grove ritual effect being revoked.

You invoke the spirits of nature to protect an area outdoors or underground. The area can be as small as 6 × 6 foundation square or as large as a 10×10 foundation cube. Buildings and other structures are excluded from the affected area. When cast, a large tree sprouts in the center of the grove. In the affected area around the tree, the Druid and its allies gain several bonuses.

First, due to the protective nature of the plants in the area, any hostile creatures that roll initiative in the area of the tree do so at disadvantage.

Secondly, druidic rituals performed in this grove by its owner or with the owner present cannot critically fail and gain a +10 to their roll. The central tree also counts as your destination for Transport via Plants.

Thirdly, all nature-related spells cast in the area gain a +3 to their rolls, friend or foe alike.

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