School: Evocation
Casting Time: 24 hours
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M, (50 Silver, 10 Glowing White Gems)
Duration: Permanent
Classes: Cleric

Important Note: This ritual can only be casted once per clan and has to be sustained by an active member of that given clan. Once the member leaves the clan, the character gets shelved or dies permanently, this will result in the hallowed ritual effect being revoked. All clerics in the clan can use this hallow as the target for their word of recall.

When casting this spell, a DM ticket must be opened with the RP of the ritual and the decay logs of the spell components. The Spell will take 24 hours to take into effect.
You touch a point and infuse an area around it with holy (or unholy) power. The area can have a radius of up to 12 foundations or occupy a dedicated Temple building fully. The spell fails if the radius includes an area already under the effect of a hallow spell. The affected area is subject to the following effects.

First, You choose three out of the following types of creatures; celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead. Those creatures that you chose gain the Weakened Status and 2 levels of Exhaustion upon entering the area. In addition, such creatures can’t charm, frighten, or possess creatures within them. Any creature charmed, frightened, or possessed by such a creature is no longer charmed, frightened, or possessed upon entering the area.

Second, you can bind an extra effect to the area.
Choose one effect from the following list. Some of these effects apply to creatures in the area; you can designate whether the effect applies to all creatures, creatures that follow a specific deity or leader, or creatures of a specific sort, such as orcs or trolls. When a creature that would be affected enters the spell’s area for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, it can choose to make a Charisma saving throw, DC15. On a success, the creature ignores the extra effect until it leaves the area.

Courage: Affected creatures can’t be frightened while in the area.
Darkness: Darkness fills the area. Normal light, as well as magical light created by spells of a lower level than the level you used to cast this spell, can’t illuminate the area.
Daylight: Bright light fills the area. Magical darkness created by spells can’t extinguish the light.
Everlasting Rest: Dead bodies interred in the area can’t be turned into undead.
Extradimensional Interference: Affected creatures can’t move or travel using teleportation or by extradimensional or interplanar means.
Tongues: Affected creatures can communicate with any other creature in the area, even if they don’t share a common language.

Thirdly, the center of this spell becomes the location of your sanctuary for the Word of Recall Spell, and all Cleric-related rituals cast by the owner or with the owner present gain a +10 to their roll and cannot critically fail.

Last updated 1.16.2024

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