Once per day, you can harmlessly pull out one of your nails, a tooth, or a lock of hair and give it to a creature of your choice. You are able to send a single, 25-word one-sided telepathic message to that creature, after which it shrivels into an ineffective husk. The token is only imbued with magic for a single day, and a ticket must be made when the token is given and it will be closed when the message is sent or the item expires, whichever comes first. Only one Eerie Token from one Hexblood can be used a day. If a player collects two Eerie Tokens from two separate Hexbloods in a day, the hag’s curse which exists in all Hexbloods will cause the Eerie Tokens to shrivel into ineffective husks and that player will be unable to collect another Eerie Token for 72 hours.

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