Sorcerers are beings of pure magic, born or created. They have an innate connection with magic, able to twist and shift it to better suit their purposes. A sorcerer may use Meta Magics from the list below. Each use of Metamagic requires the use of one sorcery point. You may use this immediately before casting a spell and may only use the bonus on one spell. You may be under the effect of one metamagic at a time.

Subtle Spell
When you cast a spell, you can cast it without any somatic or verbal components. You may pretend you are not the source of the spell, rolling deception at advantage. Players may choose to roll perception or investigation to beat your roll. If they do, they get an idea you are the source.

Heighten Spell
When you next cast a spell, the spell has a + 2 bonus to hit the target.

Empowered Spell
When you next cast a spell, the spell has a + 5 bonus to damage.

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