Once per day you pick the constellations’ power to harness. Instead of transforming into a beast, you will be a luminous map of the skies, your joints glimmer like stars with glowing lines connecting them. When one constellation is picked, it cannot be picked until 72 hours pass.

Archer: A constellation of an archer appears on you. When active, you are able to discern things both afar, and up close giving you advantage for perception and other rolls requiring sight. Specifically Disguises, and Stealth, as well as noticing dangers in one’s surroundings.

Chalice: A constellation of a Life-giving goblet appears on you. While shifted into one’s starry form, you are able to summon a goblet from the very stars and give succor to an injured person. This allows them to drink from the goblet and heal Weakened Status.

Dragon: A constellation of a wise dragon appears on you. When making a saving throw and your starry form is active, you are able to roll wisdom against any spells that force a saving throw as your save.

Starry form, when activated, lasts for 1 hour. You may only use this Boon once per day. Timestamp and screenshot are required and must be held until the next time you change your form.

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