Action Type: Standard Action
Target: Self

Use your druidic wild shape to turn into an animal, gaining physical combat abilities. You are unable to cast while in wild shape, and can only use natural weapon attacks, charge, and bull rush.

Cooldown: 15 Min.

You can magically assume the shape of a beast that you have seen before. These forms include Felines and Canines. select 3 (4 for Moon druid) Exiles Extreme shapeshifts from the following list: (ON mastery, you may select 2 more.)

All druids by default get the following 3: White Wolf, Black Bear, Black Panther. These shapes do not count towards your chosen shape count. Your default shapes will come in your class kit. On Mastery you will get a Druid Master kit that includes your flying shape.

CobraRed Fox (Fox)FrogBull
Black WidowSilver FoxLionWhite Tiger
Black WolfBlack FoxBambi (Deer)Piglet
TigerRabbitElk KingVulture (Does not fly)
  • CRNC is utilized to give mechanical shapeshift functionality. You can wear the EE shapeshifts above to give your forms some uniqueness. The 3 default CRNC shapeshift forms are Bear, White Wolf, and Panther. On Mastery, you will receive the Crow CRNC shapeshift to fly with.
    • If it is found that this is being intentionally abused, a strike will be given.
  • The CRNC shapes are known to bug out, which is why we provide those shapes in your druid kit as well!

To access your CRNC shapeshifts:

  1. Take your Druid kit (And your Master Druid kit once you’re a master)
  2. Access your radial menu and open up the CRNC RP profile
  3. Use the key-bind for your aura wheel to find your shapeshift. 

Please Note:  If the target is drawn into a PvP intent, and they have flight form, they must land.

((Last updated: 7.10.2024))

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