When you deem it thematically appropriate, roll a 1d6 on the memories table to determine what type of memory from your past returns to you. An alternative ruling for this feature is to simply select the category of memory you wish to have returned.

  1. You recall a physically painful moment. What mark or scar on your body does it relate to?
  2. A memory brings tears to your eyes. Is it a bitter or cheerful memory? Does recalling it make you feel the same way?
  3. You recall a childhood memory. What about that event or who you were still influences you?
  4. A memory brings with it the voice of someone once close to you. How do they advise you?
  5. You recall enjoying something that you can’t stand doing now. What is it? Why don’t you like it now?
  6. A memory carries a vivid smell or sensation. What are you going to do to recreate that experience?

((Last updated: 11.3.2023))

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