Strength: Very mild.
Amount required for roll: A single sip.
Description: A carbonated or seltzer drink that was a unique flavor depending on the drinker. Smells like cherries.

Roll a D20!

Rolled NumberFlavor
1Goblin Urine, acidic
2Cold dirt, clumps on the tongue
4Weak firewater
5Minotaurs blood
6Water with a hint of lemon and aftertaste of blueberry
7Watermelon Slosh (The liquid becomes bits of ice on your tongue when you drink it, high chance of brain freeze)
8Shars Bathwater (water down blackcove rum)
9Blended strawberries (essentially a smoothie)
10Cherries (a cherry soda)
11Mushroom wine with a hint of mint, leaves a mossy texture on your tongue
12Fresh cranberry juice
13Most soothing kara-tar green tea
14Lemongrass Juice
15Water blessed by Eldath (it brings a sense of peace, crisp, cold)
16Elven midsummer wine
17Ale from Tyrs mead hall
18Champagne du le Stomp (a flavor unable to be tasted outside of Ravenloft)
19Millenia old Corinthian wine
20Ambrosia of the gods (you become euphoric, nothing has compared to this)

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