You conjure the coin of Ouroboros, and roll a 1d20 once towards any ritual. This roll will be added to the number that you rolled on the normal 1d100 ritual table.

Please note that the two fails on the ritual chart below do apply.

Generic Ritual Table

Dice RangeFail or Succeed?OutcomeComponents
1-5Ritual FailsThe Caster is at death’s door (this is a status effect)All components are Lost
6-20Ritual FailsThe caster is affected with Long term madnessAll components are Lost
21-95Ritual SucceedsThe caster is unaffectedAll components are Lost
95-100Ritual SucceedsThe caster is unaffectedNo components are Lost

Once the coin has been flipped, it will be consumed and you must wait for 5 days to be able to conjure the coin again.

During the use of this, the character ‘must’ take a screenshot of when the coin is created and used, and the character may only have 1 coin at a time. Just as only one character may have one coin at a time, only 1 coin may be used in a ritual. Any attempts to use more than 1 in the same ritual with the same people will lead to automatic failure

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