Reborn suffer from some manner of discontinuity, an interruption of their lives or physical state that their minds are ill-equipped to deal with. Their memories of events before this interruption are often vague or absent. Occasionally, the most unexpected experiences might cause sensations or visions of the past to come rushing back. Rather than sleeping, reborn regularly sit and dwell on the past, hoping for some revelation of what came before. Most of the time, these are dark, silent stretches. Occasionally, though, in a moment of peace, stress, or excitement, a reborn gains a glimpse of what came before. When you desire to have such a dreamlike vision, roll on the Lost Memories table to inspire its details.

1.You recall a physically painful moment. What mark or scar on your body does it relate to?
2.A memory causes you to shed a tear. Is it a bitter or cheerful memory? Does recalling it make you feel the same way?
3.You recall a childhood memory. What about that event or who you were, still influences you?
4.A memory brings with it the voice of someone once close to you. How do they advise you?
5.You recall enjoying something that you can’t stand doing now. What is it? Why don’t you like it now?
6.Memory carries a vivid smell or sensation. What are you going to do to recreate that experience?
7.You faintly remember a place that couldn’t possibly exist. What is this vision? How does it make you feel?
8.You experience a memory you’re certain isn’t your own. How does it seem unnatural? Could it be a glimpse of a past nightmare or something worse?

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