Through the pain of death and the process of resurrection, the Wight suffers an intense trauma that pushes them into a rage. When the Wight sees the source from the Trauma table below, they will become aggressive. Compelled for conflict.

The Trauma Table is rolled on during Wight’s creation. If the Wight ever sees what they rolled upon the Trauma Table, they will suffer the Bane for Trauma.

PLEASE NOTE: These are optional RP examples that the Wight could use for their past Trauma.

1.Military insignia of the Wights choosing to remind them of a war long lost within the heat of battle.
2.The Wight’s choosing of their death reenacted, ex; A stabbing motion directed to a particular organ, A noose, A guillotine, ect.  
3.The wight’s choosing of a particular animal of ferocity.
4.A Wight’s choosing of a particularly lined phrase of malice or hatred aimed at them.

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