Every 3 days upon fully ascending, the Hunters moon will have effects on the werebeasts mind making them feral and need to feed on meat. They’re able to distinguish other werebeasts in this frenzy but are unable to recognize anyone else.

Every Tuesday, and Friday, during the nighttime in-game, the werebeast has a possibility of being forced to transform. An admin in-game at the time will make an in-game announcement before night fully descends. This shift will last 2-hours during the in-game night.
Example of announcement: The Hunters Moon is rising. Creatures of the land feel more agitated than usual and may attack sporadically. Be careful of the darkness.

You will roll a flat 1d20 to see if you shift along with the moon or not.
Anything 11 and above – The Character doesn’t shift, but is in a horrid mood during this period of time.
Anything 10 and below – The Lesser werebeast will be forced to shift for 2hrs of the night in-game.

Lycan Packs: Being a lone wolf without a pack causes the wolf to be subject to -1 across the board for saves. 

Transformation: If transforming between shifts happens too quickly after an intent happens the subject is afflicted with the injury status; not allowing the person to inflict cons.

True Beasts – Can resist the change without rolling if they embraced their curse (They will be evil-aligned by default if this is the case) – They will still feel enraged/frenzied / just plain angry in their human form.
Lesser Beasts – Cannot resist the change without rolling – They will still feel enraged/frenzied / just plain angry in their human form.

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