The process of achieving lichdom required that the spellcaster construct a powerful magical artifact, a phylactery, in which the lich stored its soul. As long as this phylactery remains structurally sound, the lich is immortal and may attempt to reassemble itself within 5 squares of its phylactery if it is ever slain. When slain, the liches corpse conflagrates in a fire that only harms and consumes the liches body and its possessions.

When A lich begins to reform itself, it is considered to have the Wounded status for the next 10 hours of online play. /time screenshots must be kept to prove your playtime. After 10 hours the lich is considered fully reformed with all its possessions.

Upon destruction of a Phylactery, the Lich’s soul returns to its body, but they can now be permanently slain. A lich slain in this vulnerable time cannot be revived without divine intervention. If they survive the conflict and escape, a Lich can attempt to recreate a new phylactery. The processes of becoming a Lich cannot be reversed

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